Marlins Country


Miami Marlins Nation started officially in 2004 but its roots go back further to a small group of friends, co-workers, and family who would go on yearly fishing trips. Over the years, it grew in number of participants until a small forum was started for everyone to stay in contact, share news and tips and reviews. That forum grew into this blog in 2004. We welcome all fishing enthusiasts now, and are happy to keep growing in Miami!

Marlins Country was officially founded as Marlins Nation in February of 2012 by a young Marlins fan named Jacobo Hakim. Marlins Country has grown rapidly through out the 2012 season. The main goal here is to keep Marlins fans updated with the latest news, insights, and analysis about the Miami Marlins.


Jacobo Hakim is the creator of Marlins Country. He’s a teenager in high school, who really likes to write about the Marlins. He’s been a Fish fan since he was born, and he’ll always be one no matter what. Jacobo, who lives in Venezuela, is also the founder of MLB NationFollow @JacoboHakim.