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All Signs Point to Yelich Coming Next


I for one did not think that Marcell Ozuna would see the bigs this year. I also thought that Jose Fernandez or Christian Yelich probably wouldn’t be up until maybe late June at the earliest. But that way back in March, before the start of the season. It’s now May and the combination of injuries to pitchers and hitters, as well as a less than potent offense have led to the callups of Fernandez and Ozuna.

Fernandez started off great but had a few bumps in the road, and seems to be getting back on track after a strong last start. Ozuna has been on fire in the few games since his callup. Derek Dietrich, the 2B/SS from the Yunel Escobar trade with the Rays was also just called up after a good start in Jacksonville due to more injuries. He is Miami’s #12 prospect.

So what does this influx of prospects mean? It could mean that the jewel of the Marlins’s system could be next to get the call to The Show. Christian Yelich, the #15 prospect in all of baseball according to Baseball America has been crushing it in AA Jacksonville after missing half of April with an injury. He’s got 21 hits in 14 games, hitting .333 with a sparkling OPS of 1.017, 12 runs, 13 RBIs, 4 triples, 5 doubles, and 2 big flies. The only cause for concern is 18 strikeouts in 14 games to just 5 walks. And this might not be anything to worry about either, as 10 of them were in his first 4 games fresh off his injury. Just 4 strikeouts in the last 7 games.

The only question is where would he play? Juan Pierre is in LF, Ruggiano in CF and right now Ozuna in RF with Stanton on the DL. When Stanton returns where would Ozuna move? RF is the only position he has played extensively in pro baseball. Would you send Ruggiano to the bench for Yelich? Or maybe even Pierre? Yelich was drafted as a first baseman so maybe he could shift back there, but at first base his speed won’t be a huge asset. And if Joe Mahoney or even the seems to be forgotten Logan Morrison returns, where would Yelich go? Could someone get traded? All good questions. We’ll just have to see how things play out, but Yelich should be up this year, almost guaranteed.

  • Rodrigo Lema González

    I think that if Yelich is called up, Red will put him either at 1B or LF; he clearly lacks the arm to play CF but nothing says he can’t improve that. If we have a healthy Joe Mahoney -we clearly don’t need another glaring hole like Logan Morrison in a lineup that has more than enough of those-, then we can send Kearns and Coghlan packing, as well as keeping JP -if he decides to resign- and Ruggiano -several years of team control left; could be an excellent PH option- as part-time outfielders. You’d have a Ozuna-Yelich-Stanton OF until the end of the season, because we all know Giancarlo won’t be a Marlin in 2014 -and we’ll obtain several good pieces after the inevitable trade; I hope we deal with Texas and get Profar, Olt, Martín plus others-.

    When Jake Marisnick arrives to man center next season, our ideal outfield would be complete and then we could start focusing on improving our infield: Dietrich, Hechavarría, Solano -if he regains his form-, etc.