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Ozzie Guillen’s Marlins Saga Continues


Ozzie Guillen’s tenure with the Marlins was as rocky as it was short. And he blames himself for all of it.

Recently speaking to ESPN Chicago, Guillen said his move to Miami was a “big mistake”. Also adding that the only reason he went to work for Miami was the money. Not passion for the team, not passion for the fans, not passion for the city. Just cold hard cash. In a game based almost entirely upon passion, it was a losing formula.

It’s surprising that Jeffrey Loria would even hire Guillen. Despite his success with the White Sox, he was, and still is, a volatile man. And he’s certainly no stranger to controversy. With the controversy surrounding the then brand new Marlins Park, it seemed like a recipe for disaster.  And disaster is exactly what Guillen and Loria got. An empty ballpark and a last place team, helped set up the seemingly traditional Marlins fire sale, except this time the fans were left without a World Series.

Guillen, in his interview, said he believed his firing was “fair”. This is a complete 360 on his comments from last year saying “It would be completely unfair if they fire me after one chance. ” Whether fair or not, his firing seemed likely. Miami had big expectations at the beginning of the year and it all ended with a very quiet whimper.

Despite his long tenure with the White Sox, Guillen, when asked about a job with the Cubs, said he would be open to it but not campaigning it out of respect of Dale Sveum, a former teammate. Seeing Guillen give respect to anyone comes as a shock. He gave absolutely zero respect to Miami and its fans, especially the Cubans among us.

Guillen, who has been out of work since his firing in October, says he wants to return to baseball. But with last years horrendous 63-93 season and certain comments about a Cuban dictator means it seems highly likely that he’ll stay on unemployment pay till at least the end of the season.

  • jigokusabre0

    A 360 is a complete circle, so if if he’s changed his mind about it being “fair” that he was fired… then he’s done a 180.

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