Realistic Marlins top-5 wish list

We know many of you guys are expecting the Miami Marlins to sign top free agents. Last off season, the Marlins signed shortstop Jose Reyes, lefty Mark Buehrle and closer Heath Bell....

We know many of you guys are expecting the Miami Marlins to sign top free agents. Last off season, the Marlins signed shortstop Jose Reyes, lefty Mark Buehrle and closer Heath Bell. Look what happened: they ended the season in last place. According to the Marlins beat writers, the Marlins’ payroll will drop somewhere around $80-$90 million. That pretty much is telling us that they won’t go for top free agents. I’ll say there’s an 80 % chance they won’t get top free agents and the 20 % is if the Marlins front office surprises us.

So here’s a realistic top five Marlins wishlist for the off season:

1. Kevin Youkilis: After trading Matt Dominguez to the Astros and then Hanley Ramirez to the Dodgers, the Marlins are in need for a third baseman. The Marlins haven’t had a third baseman who has played at least 100 games since Miguel Cabrera. The White Sox reported in August that they won’t pick up Kevin Youkilis’ option, so he’ll be a free agent this off season. Youkilis, who will be 34 next season, batted .235/.336/.409 with 19 homers and 60 RBI’s in 122 games with Red Sox and White Sox.

2. Angel Pagan: Since Logan Morrison will be moving to first base, the Marlins will need an outfielder. Angel Pagan could play center, Justin Ruggiano at left field and Emilio Bonfiacio at second base. This season Angel Pagan, 31, hit .288/.388/.400 with 8 homers and 56 RBI’s and 29 stolen bases in 154 games with Giants.

3. Joe Saunders: Another left handed pitcher in the Marlins rotation could be good for the Fish. Saunders hasn’t been great the last three seasons, but he played good in the second half of the season. Saunders, 31, won 9 games and lost 13 with an ERA of 4.07 and he tossed a total of 174.2 innings.

4. Juan Cruz: There’s nothing to say about the Marlins bullpen except “simply horrible”. Juan Cruz has been a very good reliever in the past two seasons. He was with the Rays, who went to the post season in 2011 and this year he was with Pirates. This season, Cruz appeared in 43 games and tossed 35.2 innings. He also had an ERA of 2.78 this season.

5. Juan Pierre: Now older, Juan Pierre could be an option for the Fish. He had an excellent season at the age of 34. He batted .307 with 25 RBI’s and 37 stolen bases with the Phillies. He could fight for a spot in the spring training or be the the fourth outfielder.

Alright, like we mentioned before, the Marlins payroll will go down and they might not get top free agents or not even these that we mention… so stay tuned to see what happens.

If you don’t like this list, or maybeyou do like this list…or if you have questions, please comment below.

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  • Robert Kuhl

    I think that there are better options out there for SP. Ryan Dempster has lost some luster, Edwin Jackson is avilable. Erik Beddard is out there. Derek Lowe could be given a shot to start, but put in the bullpen if he doesn’t perform.

    Juan Pierre has no place on the team. The team has more 4th outfielders than it knows what to do with: Ruggiano, Gorkys, Cousins, Coghlan, etc. They should focus on a starter. Take a shot with Melky Cabrera in LF (with Pagan if not Bourn in CF).

  • Bobbyd12

    Kevin Youkalis??? Last thing we need is a 3rd baseman batting 235. Personally, I would like to see David Wright back with Jose, but Youkalis??? C’mon

    • JacoboHakim

      Did you read? The aren’t going for top FA because the payroll is going down. I would agree with you, you tell me how they are gonna pay him?

  • MattyIce

    They need to go after a high RBI player as Stanton was the highest with 86, the next closest player was Reyes with 57. Hamilton is all but done in Texas so the Marlins need to at least make a run at him.