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Ryan Curry Interview

Ryan Curry  (J. Megenhardt)

Ryan Curry was a utility player for the Miami Marlins, who spent five years in the Minor Leagues. Curry was drafted by the Marlins in the 21st round (646th overall) in 2007. In 2010, Curry was honored Best Defensive Second Baseman in the Southern League and went on to win the Championship with the Jacksonville Suns, that same year. Sadly, Ryan Curry was released before the 2012 season and still hasn’t gotten the opportunity to play for another MLB team. Follow him on Twitter @Curry333 and enjoy!

Jacob Hakim: Ok let’s start! So first of all, how was it like to be drafted by a MLB team?

Ryan Curry: It was great, I wouldn’t take anything away from the experience. That was my goal since I was 4 years old. Still never know what is ahead of me.

Jacob Hakim: That is an experience that you’ll never forget. Growing up in the state of Illinois, who was your favorite team and player?

Ryan Curry:  I have always been a huge White Sox fan. Frank Thomas was always my favorite growing up. Even had the Big Hurt shoes back in the day.

Jacob Hakim: Pretty sick! How was it like to play with some of the best Marlins prospects?

Ryan Curry: It was great, I have some good friends now because of it. Saying I played with a Stanton, Cishek, Morrison, Petersen, Matt Dominguez, just to name a few.  It was a privilege, although I feel I could still be playing with them. Still a great experience.

Jacob Hakim: They are great guys! In 2010, you won best Defensive Second Baseman in the Southern League with the Jacksonville Suns. How was that like?

Ryan Curry: It was an honor to win that. I pride myself on my defensive abilities. I feel it is overlooked compared to the hitting side of things, both are extremely important, but we won in 2010 because the pitching and defense was phenomenal at all spots. It was an awesome award for me and one I will definitely look back on and be proud of.

Ryan Curry: Also, we could hit in 2010 but pitching and defense was key. Chris Hatcher behind the dish was awesome too. Pretty special talent that guy.

Jacob Hakim How was the day you got released by the Marlins? (sorry for this question)

Ryan Curry: No problem, getting into this business everyone knows it’s a good chance you will be released at some point. Only a select handful of players can say they weren’t released ever in their career. It was a tough day, but I was never afraid of life besides baseball, I knew I could play and I know I still could play. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think I got the short side of the stick. But business is business and that is part of the game and professional sports. I thank the Marlins for the original opportunity and maybe I’ll get another shot.

Jacob Hakim: Very true and i hope you will. Are you still working out and playing ball? If an opportunity comes up you need to be in shape.

Ryan Curry: I haven’t been playing recently, because of other opportunities. I will say that I would be ready if another chance comes up. I am a very self motivated person and would be even better than I was the day I was released if I was asked to come back to the playing field.

Jacob Hakim: Ok Mr.Curry. Here are a few questions and we are done. 1) What’s your World Series prediction? Which teams and who will win? 2) What’s your favorite movie? 3) What was your favorite moment in your baseball career?

Ryan Curry: I’d have to say Dodgers and Yankees. Dodgers will prevail. Movie is tough, huge fan of last 2 Batman flicks. “Man on Fire” is another favorite. Lots of favorite moments in my career, 2010 Championship was pretty high up. I do have to say though that my favorite as of now is my last at bat in professional baseball that was a homerun. Kinda cool little fact and accomplishment. Off the bench in that game too which makes it a little sweeter.

Jacob Hakim: Well thanks for this one-on-one interview Mr.Curry.

Ryan Curry: Any time man. Thanks.
  • Tommy

    I would like to see Curry get another chance. I enjoyed watching him play in Jacksonville.